ELog’s services to the members

ELog’s services allows you the freedom to provide your knowledge and implement your projects without the bureaucracy. You benefit ELog’s services, company id, marketing and cooperation network.

ELog’s services


1. Marketing


-the visibility of the ELog’s Web pages

-visibility and advertising campaigns ELog’s on FB website

-email advertising

-The use of drone (Mavic pro) on the photo shoots and videos


2. Web store (Holvi)


3. Billing and payment of wages (Holvi, palkka.fi)


The work you have done, Elog will invoice the Subscriber of the service, and pay your salary.

An employment contract shall be concluded with the members and all of it will take care for you by ELog.


4. Accounting (Holvi) 


Elog’s service charge to the members is 6% of the amount of the invoice (VAT 0%) of services and 10 -20% of the trade in goods (VAT 0%). 


To became a member of Elog?


If you are interested, please contact:




ELog:in the associated fee is 350 euros

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