Cloudberry Safars

Mon/Wed (only July)-At the cloudberry safari, you will experience the Cloudberry fever and the swamp wilderness with the old-time guides. We leave from Kittilä (Vanhatie 89) where we drink coffees, check the equipment and  look at Cloudberry forecast. In the autumn of 2017, we have placed insect hotels on the cloudberry swamps to the pollinator insects. In addition, our drone collects information about the maturation of the cloudberries. From Kittilä we drive by the river boat about 10 km to the cloudberry cottage, which serves as a base for safari. Duration about. 6 h, (9.00 – 15.00). Price: 120 €/Person. Your equipment: good rubber boots, backpack, picnic lunch and rainwear (according to the weather). 

In order to participate in the safari you accept Guest Release and Waiver.


The cloudberries ripen every summer at different times in July (averages 15-25.7). The maturation can be followed, for example, by monitoring the sum of the heat

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